Top 10 Amazing Weight Loss and Bodybuilding Workouts That Burn Calories and Are Easy to Do at Home

Before learning and doing the exercises of weight loss, we should understand two things. Fat burning and weight losing are not the only reasons for doing workouts. Workouts are essential for mental health, increase in immunity and healthy life style. People have a miss perception that exercise is for weight loss.

The second thing is that if you want to lose weight workouts alone do not help. You have to maintain a good less calories diet and healthy habits. Apart from this your health condition also matters (people with thyroid problems gain weight). The efforts putdown on losing weight differs from person to person. It varies in diet and the workouts you follow.

Apart from the above discussed points it is true that with correct understanding and hard work in the right direction one can achieve his/her desired body shape. one should be careful while doing workouts as minor mistakes can spoil the whole workout .the below discussed workouts are for certain an high intensive workouts for quicker results.

Some tips you should follow apart from the exercises on your daily routine

Less calories Diet plan: you should follow a healthy diet plan for weight loss. As discussed earlier workouts alone does not work for healthy body. Maintain a diet plan is very necessary.

Exercise as a Habit: doing workout should be a daily habit. Postponing the workouts or doing it occasionally does not help. You should do exercise regularly. Taking rest is important to reset mentally, physically and emotionally.

Self motivation: motivating yourself is necessary to reach the goal you desire. Make some friends at the jogging track, so that you don’t miss a daily routine.

Find a best workout for you: identify a best workout which you enjoy doing without getting bored. if not you can find a trainer who can train you better to get your desired results. Don`t get disappointed if you don’t love the workout or the trainer, search for better one rather than giving it up.

1. Interval training

The best training/workout method that experts propose for weight loss is the interval training. It is nothing but any exercise which helps in rising and falling of your normal heartbeat. This exercise help in increasing metabolism rate through elevated heart beat, thus burning more calories.

One of the best indoor interval training is indoor cycling. Even though this type of workout mainly comes under cardio type exercise rather than a strength training, but uses all your muscles for the workout. Since you use all your muscles more calories are burnt .it is a good workout for thighs, legs, core and glutes which again comes under weight loss workouts. It’s a cycle in which you have to work on your muscles to burn calories which again incorporates you more muscles.

Steps to do.

1. Follow these four-fat burner workouts.

2. If you are using a treadmill, it is more useful as a butt exercise

3. If you dislike using any equipment then try this 10 minutes lower body exercises.

2. Weight training

This is the basic workout that should be done when you start doing weight loss workouts. When your are at the basic level of training take suggestions from the experts for how to choose the weights and how to perform the weight lifting workouts. This weight lifting workout helps you to decrease the weight effectively. Weight lifting workout are said to increase the resting metabolism rate of your body that is calories are burnt even at rest after performing this workouts. It is called “after burn effect”.

You should add this workout in your daily routine and you should go on increasing weight you’re lifting since your body gets used to it after someday and it does not show any effect. So you should add some weight after a few days of workout according to your convenience.

Note: if you’re a new to this weight lifting take advice from an experienced trainer or else learn from the how to choose the right weights for your workout.

We can do a 10 minute or 20 minute full body workouts using dumbbells. It is better to get a trainer to do these workouts. You can take his advice to use better and correct dumbbells to do your weight loss workouts.

3. Boot Camp

These workouts are useful in maintaining day long elevated metabolism. These workouts mainly are of cardio based and strength based workouts. This exercise is mainly used in naval and military camps to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1-hour period of time with small resting times.

But if you’re doing this for the first time take help from a good trainer is advisable. The trainer will help you to tune up to the weights or intensity of the workout. If you have any injuries the trainer will make some modifications without losing the effect of the workout.          

4. Boxing

Boxing is a very good for weight loss. It is one type of interval training. While boxing a beginner uses only his arm power to punch, which is less since more power comes from the core .one should know how to give a punch using core power. While boxing muscles which are not used in many workouts are used.

One should get trained under a good boxing trainer. It’s better for the beginners since they can learn from the trainer the correct posture and maintain high intensity levels during boxing.

5. Running

Running is another best workout for weight loss. A nice pair of running shoes is enough for running. Running on plain area is not enough for weight loss. You have to run on hill like areas in climbing position. Only then your butt and thigh muscles are worked out.

You also need a correct position to do this otherwise all your energy is wasted. You have to lean towards the hill , move your knees as high as possible and  pushing the feet harder to the ground while climbing. This should be done with your arms open in 90 degree position and keep them as high as your face .While running the hand should  be between your face and your back pocket .you can also do running on a treadmill by increasing the inclination of the running pad.

6. Cross Fit

Cross fit is a famous gym organization that helps you to get best workout routines to get your desired results. You may do a number of exercises from treadmill running, jogging, weight lifting, squats etc. They help you to select workouts based on your stamina so that you would not get injured or do not get tired unnecessarily. These workouts are short and intense and help you to get your desired results.

7. Rope exercise (Tabata)

If you are feeling inconvenience with jumping during the skipping exercise you can do this heavy rope exercise. It is highly intensive body core concentrated exercise. Do this exercise for 20-seconds with 10-seconds rest. In this way do an 8-set workout. You will get an increased heart beat and metabolism rate in four minutes. You need a long thick rope. It should swing the rope using your hand in a waving manner in up and down style. Do this faster so that you feel pressure on the core. Take suggestions from a good trainer. You should increase the intensity of the workout since your body gets used to pressure when using the same intensity for longer time.

8. Yoga

Yoga may not be a direct method for weight loss. But it helps in making up your mind to do other intensive workouts. Yoga helps you keep your mind healthy. There are some yoga postures that makes flexible so that you perform intensive workouts with ease. If find it difficult to do yoga daily, do it at least once a week. For doing yoga you do not need any equipment, you just need a peaceful and calm area.

9. Swimming

If you feel running, jumping, jogging is harder workout then swimming is the better option for you. All your muscles are used during swimming. Approximately 750 calories are burned during this exercise.

Not only swimming we can also do some simple exercises in the pool .we can do as follow. Keep yourself afloat by treading water with your arms and legs. This is simple and effective exercise. Now take some rest. Now swim in 100 meter pool in set of 10 in forward and backward in the pool. Do this with taking one minute rest between the sets. You feel worked-out after coming out of the pool.

10. Skipping

It is one the best workouts for weight lose. It is common game played in our olden days. The tools used are inexpensive. Just a rope is enough to perform this workout. It can be done in indoor or outdoor. This exercise is very good cardio exercise.

Set Routine:

1.            First do warm exercises like light skipping, jumping etc, for few minutes?

2.            Start skipping with jumping that is with both the legs leaving the ground during the jump.

3.            Now do rope sprints with 100 jumps but with increased speed in jumping.

4.            Repeat the above steps by following these sets: 50/50, 21/21, 15/15, 9/9.

5.            If you want the workouts follow the sets in the reverse order.

                                Don’t perform the above workout bare footed. Use shoes while doing this exercise. Otherwise you may hurt your fingers or legs during the jump. You can perform this workout without the rope, you can simply  do the jumps in mock style.

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