Top 14 Toxic Foods You Must Avoid at All Costs: Calories, Nutrition

You may feel weird reading the title of our article.  But it is true that there are some foods on this earth which are meant to harm our body. The foods that affect our system badly, with their invisible harmful and bacterial collection.  As per human Psychology, we always run after the foods that drags us into the lane of diseases instead of the foods that lets us into the healthy lanes. But have you ever thought about the foods that spells it’s magic on us with it’s outer looks will harm our body to the depths?  If not, it is the time for you to give it a thought.  In this article we have provided a list of non-eatables which you have to keep in your mind while purchasing foods.

We have made a list of 14 non-eatables below


Swordfish is notoriously high in metal and potent neurotoxin which will affect the development of child in the mother’s womb if she takes it in when she is pregnant.  It may even cause heart attacks in adults.

Non organic Strawberries

 Strawberries with their rosy looks attract us a lot.  In real life, farmers grow strawberries using harmful pesticides. These pesticides serve as their food. The harmful pesticides not only destroy the attributes of  strawberries but also destroy our body if taken in like that. 

Diet Soda

Diet soda is one of the food in our never eat list.  its metabolized in the body, the sweeteners present in that will cause health-related issues and problems related to metabolism and weight gain, neurological diseases, joint pain, digestive problems, headaches, depression, inflammatory bowel disease, chemical toxicity, and cancer, among others.”

Canned Tomatoes

Bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen, is contained in canned tomatoes and has been linked to health issues such as heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. A canned tomato contains 50 micrograms of  BPA per liter which will effect the human body especially the young.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners, the name itself says how artificial the sweet will be.  The artificial sweeteners with zero calories are absolutely harmful for our health.  Recent research on it says that, using artificial sweeteners in the water where marine life live.  It was found that they are unnatural, nonorganic, taste horrible and leads to ill health if taken.

Butter-Flavored Microwave Popcorn

Diacetyl is the chemical used in butter flavoring.  It is even used in artificial butter flavorings.  The usage of that chemical will lead to a disease called “popcorn lung” which is an occupational disease. 

White chocolate

Chocolate- spelling that word will start teasing your taste buds.  Chocolates  are brain-boosting superfoods.  Where as white chocolate which is from the same family of chocolates lacks in all the pros that the original chocolate has.  It is a harmful food that affects the parts in your body.


Wheat in now-a-days resembles least characteristics of the original wheat our ancistors used to eat and we are producing in present time lacks in all sorts of pros which were present in the wheat that is produced back then.  Wheat in the form of bread causes many digestive diseases like celiac and inflammatory bowel disease to acid reflux, obesity, asthma and skin disorders.


Hamburgers which includes ground beef are very dangerous to health.  They have found dangerous level s of disease-causing bacteria  in over 50 percent of ground beef samples they’ve tested.


Corns act like little pesticide factories with roots. They harm our health duw to genetically modified and grow using systemic pesticides that harm not only human beings but also the bees.


Contaminated are sprouts with salmonella, E.coli, and listeria. They are vulnerable to contamination because the seeds require moist, warm conditions to sprout.

Food dyes

Food dyes lead to hyperactivity in children and cancer in animals. The food dyes attract us with their color but they are absolutely harmful foods for us.

Ice cream sundaes

Producers commonly use genetically modified corn and soy to produce unhealthy ice cream syntheses. so avoid these type of foods and stay healthy.

Anything from Fastfood

Fast food is something that will take you to the hospitals fast.  Avoiding eating those fast foods will keep you in healthy corner.

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