5 Low Calories Foods for Weight Loss

There are many low calorie foods that may also support weight loss. If you’re looking to lose weight while still feeling satisfied, consider adding oats, Greek yogurt, and other high protein or high fiber foods. One of the most challenging dietary changes to make can be reducing calorie intake. Many low calorie foods can leave … Read more

10 Low-Calorie Fruits and Veggies to Shed Pounds Fast

Because fruit is sweet and contains naturally occurring sugar, many people assume that it’s associated with weight gain. However, research consistently shows that eating fruit supports healthy weight management. Several published studies have found that increasing the daily consumption of whole fruits is inversely tied to weight gain, meaning that the more fruit is consumed, … Read more

Top 10 Amazing Weight Loss and Bodybuilding Workouts That Burn Calories and Are Easy to Do at Home

Before learning and doing the exercises of weight loss, we should understand two things. Fat burning and weight losing are not the only reasons for doing workouts. Workouts are essential for mental health, increase in immunity and healthy life style. People have a miss perception that exercise is for weight loss. The second thing is … Read more

Eat to Beat Cancer: Foods That Fight Cancer

The life taking disease Cancer is also called as malignant tumor in medical terminology.  Cancer is nothing but an abnormal cell growth which spreads to other parts of the body.  Not all tumors are spreadable.  Benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body.  Symptoms of Cancer: Above are the symptoms of cancer.  … Read more

Shed Pounds Fast: The Amazing Weight Loss Secret of Lemon and Honey

Weight loss, overweight, obesity, are the much debated topics these days.  They are much debated because they belong to the subject of health and beauty.  There are uncountable weight loss plans to follow.  Some are under-effective, some are over-effective and some are totally defective.  But, what makes those diet plans work well and what makes … Read more