Healthy Eating: 5 Nutritional Facts That You Didn’t Know About

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healthy eating

One of the most important things people obsess about is Healthy Eating. And when it comes to health, nutrition is all you could think of. It is of great importance that you know important facts about the things you consume on a daily basis.

There are many lesser-known nutrition facts which may affect our lifestyle and the way we believe in facts. Here are some of the facts related to nutrition which many of you don’t have an idea about:

1. Added Sugar Is Bad

When people or to be precise, producers add sugar to processed food for improving the taste, this is called added sugar. Examples of commonly added sugar are sucrose and syrup. Most of you know that consuming added sugar in high quantity is bad.

While there are some who support the intake of sugar and some who oppose it. Well, it is affirmative that added sugars do not have any nutrients in it. So if you go on and consume added sugar in high quantity then you’ll be suffering from a deficiency of nutrients.

But added sugar can also increase the risks of obesity and other heart diseases and also diabetes. Trust me on this, added sugar kills millions of people and is harmful.

2. Omega-3 Fat Is Essential

Most of you guys don’t have a clue about how important it is that we take omega-3 for the better functioning of our body. The total fat in the brain contains 10-20% of omega-3. This is fatty acid taken from animals.

If you’re deficient in omega-3 it’ll result in low IQ, mental disorders, heart diseases and depression too! The fatty acids can be found in plant oils and fish oils etc.

Fatty acids need to be converted into specific substances to work in our body that is Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid.

So the bottom line is that we shouldn’t be deficient in these essential fatty acids. And we should eat food high in Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid.

3. The Perfect Diet Doesn’t Exist

People are different and have different bloodlines, thus different genetics, physical activities and body type. So the type of diet you should follow depends upon these factors.

For some people low carbohydrate diet is good. For some, a diet high in carb seems to work just fine!

The main key here is that it’s not necessary that the diet applied by a person would work just the same for you too. You should really get into experimentations to figure out what’s best for you.

4. Vegetables Are A Must For Good Health

Vegetables are as important as meat high in protein. Veggies will provide you with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and endless variations of nutrients that your body would happily welcome.

This is why they are the one of the best options for nutrition rich foods Studies show that people who have a daily habit of eating vegetables tend to have great health.

Professionals recommend that you have fruits and vegetables every day. Vegetables are rich in many nutrients. Having regular intake of vegetables will decrease the risk of you falling ill.

Nutrients are the key to good Healthy Eating. This was some things that you didn’t know about nutrients, nutrient dense foods for weight loss and how they help our body. Make sure to read the article thoroughly.

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