8 Steps to Conquer Belly Fat for a Slimmer Stomach: Calories

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Reducing belly fat has become most prominent aspect of everyone’s life. Because belly fat is the most annoying part of the complete fat reduction work, because this fat is stored in the deeper layers of the abdomen and is situated between the organs of abdomen. If this fat is accumulated and compresses organs day-by-day then the organs will lose their daily routine work which is not at all good for health and this will cause some fatal situations like heart attacks, kidney failure, cancer etc. So removing this type of fat has its own importance and there are different ways to do this.  Some ways are dangerous and may be ineffective because these are surgical procedures that will remove fat layers surgically, but as visceral fat is located near the abdominal organs and as these organs are delicate, removing fat that to surgically from such sensitive parts may be ineffective and incomplete. So it is the better way to burn the fat through natural ways. 

There are some ways and by following them one can reduce belly fat. 

Prepare Your-self:

One has to strictly make themselves to take oaths of what they are going to do and how long they can abide to it.  This is the starting step which will lead you to the most spectacular appearance and make you stand in a leading position.

Measuring Your-self:

Measure your weight and also your body at waist region to have an idea that where you have started your journey and what you have achieved. This will give you confidence of what you achieved for all the strenuous work you have done and will encourage you to take further steps.


Abs are the best way to reduce your belly fat, where as the others will, but prominent results will be on your other body parts than compared with belly fat because the other exercises will concentrate on reducing fat from your whole body. This not only includes exercise that you will do daily but also you can think in routine and daily life like you can take steps instead of elevators.  Do not let your body rest for a long time as this will make you store fat contents, so if you have a 24-hour computer-desk job, better get up for a while and have a walk for 5 minutes. Take atleast 10,000 steps a day which will reduce the whole body fat and also will let your belly fat burn.


Some people think that missing the breakfast and eating lunch directly will make you reduce you weight and it will reduce your fat.  But the most important note they have to make and remember is that if you miss the breakfast, by the time of lunch, your stomach will release juices that will make you feel more hungry, letting you eat more than daily and during lunch as we take rice and this consists of carbohydrates and will increase your weight.  So instead of that burden, have a healthy breakfast that not have fat like oatmeal, brown bread, egg white etc.,

Stress Free:

In present days busy work schedule being stress free is not easy.  Research on this indicates that our body secrete cortisol which is a hormone released by our body when we are stressed, that ultimately will increase your belly fat.  Best way to hand this situation is sleep.  Sleeping will relax your brain from all the out-world disturbances which will indeed make your belly fat to reduce.


While having lunch prefer to intake more curry and less rice where the curry will provide you proteins that are necessary and will let you collect less carbohydrates in your body.  Prefer whole grain food that will make your body hasten burning deep layered fat.

Drink more Water:

More water intake will make your body metabolism process be active and will remove the toxins and increased metabolism to reduce fat.


Aerobics are the best way to reduce belly fat as the whole body will undergo different postures will let your body elastic in nature and this will cause to burn fat from entire body and mostly concentrates on belly fat.

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