Weight Control – Foods To Avoid for Weight Loss

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Weight Control – Foods To Avoid for Weight Loss

Foods To Avoid for Weight Loss

According to the most certified reports across the globe weight gain and obesity have increased by manifold in the last few decades. Millions of adults suffer from overweight and obesity. The ratio of people who are overweight is much more in the young generation. A lot of this is due to the dependence on the junk food diet. This is a serious issue and as per the reports, this problem causes hundreds of deaths every year. This is a tragic public health situation. There can be serious diseases due to overweight.

And lifestyle is the prime reason behind this. Thus it is found more in those parts of the world wherein people are not involved in a progressive and healthy lifestyle. This is a growing matter of concern for everyone. And what best we can do is to take the first stride forward by latching on to a healthy diet plan.

Keeping the issue in mind we have come up with this article that is going to make our readers aware of the importance and significance of foods to avoid for weight loss or weight control measures. In addition to that this will throw some light on the various benefits that controlling weight can claim. And the focal point of the article would be to enumerate the food habits and food items one should avoid losing weight.

This will be balanced by mentioning the healthy alternatives through which a human body can get all the necessary nutrients. This would certainly reduce the chances of getting sick and in turn, would diminish the cost one needs to bear on health hazards. If you feel that you are obsessed or overweight then this article can be a perfect place to get crucial information.

Benefits of weight loss

It is no brainer that always remains in the mind of people to be in good shape. And for this, they constantly seek guidance regarding weight loss program or an exercise schedule. But before getting associated with any of the weight loss programs it is imperative to understand the benefits of the weight loss. This is for sure a challenging task and you would need a high level of determination and control. Information about the benefits of weight loss can be a motivating factor. Several kinds of benefits one can accrue from weight loss.

Health Benefits

Even a small step can make things better. One needs not to lose many pounds. Even a small weight loss can be instrumental in better health. There are numerous benefits of weight reduction. Some of the most prominent is a decrease in the risk of diabetes, constant decline in blood pressure, improved good cholesterol and in all improved health of your heart. Significant weight loss leads to de accumulation of fats which increases the mobility and agility in the body. To go with that there will be a lesser chance of back and joint pain in the body. It is always advisable to take the opinion of a certified medical practitioner.

Lifestyle benefits

Lifestyle is the buzzword in the current scenario and everyone likes to have a superior lifestyle and its not only determined by the materialistic things one does. It is a way to live life and controlling weight is one of those. Weight loss would certainly lead you to an improved social life. There are many benefits that one can enjoy. Some of the most prominent ones are active social life, confidence higher than before, sound sleep, improved energy, and satisfying sex life, proper body shape, etc. this all is going to revitalize your mood and will have a perpetual positive effect on your personality.

Social benefits

The health and lifestyle benefits might be enough to motivate you for losing weight but to be true there are several social benefits as well. The most important of the lot is to have a healthy relationship and attraction towards each other. One can find many dieters who take a diet plan before the wedding or to get thin to attract others. Some people get positive results in relationships after weight loss and some find no improvement. This may be an area of relationship that is tricky and only weight loss cannot help you out.

The food article one eats has an after effect on body weight and body shape. To enjoy complete benefits of weight loss it becomes important to understand what the foods avoid for weight loss. Hence moving further in this article we are going to enumerate the items you should refrain from eating while on diet.

Foods items that should be avoided during weight loss:

French Fries & Potato Chips

Potato is a powerhouse of fats, carbohydrates, and starch. The whole potato is healthy and fulfilling. But potato chips, fries are not healthy as these are very high in calories.

The main issue is that it is quite easy to eat them without any account of the quantity. Thus a lot more amount of fat absorbing items get inside your body with oil. This can percolate to the accumulation of belly fat and fats at different parts of the body. Hence if you are willing to go for weight loss then these items are a big no for you. A better way to have such delicacy is to have baked potato in small proportions. This tactic is going to fulfill your taste desire without hampering your schedule.

Sugary & Aerated drinks

Those drinks that are made sweetened by adding sugar to those like cold drinks and soda are some of the most unhealthy food items one can have on this planet. These are used for weight gain exercise but we have a different agenda. These drinks contain lots of calories but we do not see it in that manner. We always believe in associate calories with solid food items. This can even have disasters on health  in the long run. If you are having these drinks in your regular diet then you must know their characteristic. Having these will not give you the sensation of full tummy and you would end up eating much more than what one should eat. This would have a detrimental effect on the health of the human body. So if you want to get slim stay away from these.

White bread

White bread is one of the most widely used food processed items that we eat in our daily lives. These are highly refined while manufacturing. And there is the addition of lots of milk and sugar in it. It is very high on the contents that can shoot up the blood sugar levels. As per the reports, even 2 slices a day can increase the chances of weight gain. The best alternative to this is brown bread or whole-grain bread. These substitutes have the healthy benefits available in the market.

However one should know that all breads have a substantial amount of gluten and thus if you are on a strict diet then you should avoid even a bite.

Candy bars and chocolates

These are some of the unhealthiest items one can have. Chocolates are one of the prime reasons behind the high percentage of overweight and obese people in the young generation. These are again the food items that have added sugar content in it. These are a pack of added sugar, oils and refined flour. This combination is given a shape and wrapped in a paper. These are low in nutrients. These contain a high level of calories and due to the taste of chocolate children and youth eat these often.

This is more prevalent in those regions of the world where chocolate is a regular intake in the diet. So if you are craving for a piece of a snack then go for fruits rather than these unhealthy food articles.

Processed fruit juices

This is again drinks with added sugar. Processed juices are not aerated but these drinks are a bundle of calories that we intake. fruit juices are highly processed and this reduces the nutrient value in comparison to real fruit. These are loaded with sugar to attract the consumer. Processed fruit juices contain a high amount of soda as well. As these drinks do not have any fiber so we do not need to chew anything, this is why many people drink too much of it.

This percolates to the enhanced intake of calories and increased body weight. So we would recommend trying to eat a raw and boiled form of food article to lose weight.

Cakes & cookies

I hope by reading this much of this article our reader might have a fair idea that what is the main reason behind improper weight gain. And that is added sugar and oil to the processed food item that is available in the market. And the story of cakes and cookies are not different. These are made from refined flour with a high amount of sugar. These also have artificial fats. These can be detrimental to health and can have serious consequences.

These are not very satisfying meals and you remain hungry even having a considerable quantity of these. And this is why people tend to eat a lot of meals after their consumption. This misbalances diet and calorie intake. Thus even if you like to eat cakes and cookies then there should be a firm control of the quantity. And it should be for taste only.

Consumption of alcohol

Alcohol is a prime reason behind providing a high amount of calories and protein than many food items. However, the real effect of alcohol on weight gain is not clear. But we need to understand that the effect of consumption of alcohol remains in our body for a few hours. And it reduces the power to digest the food we eat during that period. This results in accumulation of undigested food in our body in the form of accumulated fats. Thus we always say that drinking is fine but in the right amount. And it is interesting to know that there are some alcoholic drinks which are more dangerous.

Consuming beer is prohibited during weight loss programs as it would increase your weight whereas drinking wine is fine or even beneficial. So one can easily understand what is the right quantity and frequency under a certain situation.

Ice cream

This is a kind of food item that people from all age groups love to eat. It is available in so many flavors that people go crazy about that. Even though it is amazingly delicious but unfortunately it is equally unhealthy for weight loss program. It is very high in calories and loaded with an enormous amount of sugar. It is ok to have a small proportion of ice cream but it is next to impossible to resist. People who like it do not consume in a large amount.  A good alternative to this is to make healthier ice cream at your home with a controlled amount of ingredients.

Pizza & Pasta

These are amongst the most popular fast food items. Their popularity is not only confined to youth and kids, to be true people of all age groups like these. In some parts of the world, these are the main dishes and people resort to these as a meal. They are made from corn flour that too highly refined. These are high on calories as most variants contain the humungous amount of cheese.

Other variants of these contain processed meat and chicken which makes it even unhealthier. If you crave pizza then it would be advisable to go for a homemade version with healthy ingredients. If you are looking to lose weight, then you should stop immediately to enjoy the best results of the weight loss program.

Furthermore, in this article, we have tried to mention the scenario of the increasing problem of weight gain. In addition to that, we mentioned prime reasons behind that and several kinds of benefits of weight loss program.  This article focused on the food items and ingredients one should avoid if he is looking to lose weight.  Hence we would like to recommend our readers to bring all the important points mentioned in the article into their notice.

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