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Top 10 Best Vegetable Foods Have More Iron Than Meat


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In this modernized world, people wish to have hi-fi lifestyle and while doing so it not only changes their lifestyle rather it also change their food cycle which is essential to have good health. When it comes to food preference each person would have their own choice of preference some may be vegetarian and some may be non-vegetarian. Whenever it comes as meat or vegetarian both will stand on its own way to great extend each would quarrel that they are best to have. Being pure vegetarian is not a big deal but most of the time people would wonder to hear that a person is a pure vegetarian as if they are a miracle person. Simply the questions would run in their mind like how these people would get protein and iron content? And how they manage to have food diet? Likewise, several questions would be running in their minds it is mainly because in general people think that meat is rich in iron and protein when compared to vegetable. But in reality, vegetables and vegetarian foods are rich in protein and iron content that helps to get essential nutrients than meat consumption. Although there are several vegetarian foods are consumed by people here are topmost vegetarian foods that are rich in iron and proteins are listed below.

1. Spinach:

Spinach is one of the favorite healthy foods for all vegetarians in common it is said that three cheers for leafy greens. This statement is mainly given as they are most nutrient food which is extremely versatile and rich in taste. When it is compared with meat the three cups of spinach would provide 18 mg of iron content whereas 8 ounce of meat is less than spinach count. When the steak size is higher than spinach iron count would go less. So people can have spinach salad topped with nuts, seed or hardboiled egg would be the best protein iron-rich food for daily.


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2. Beans:

If people wish to have better rich snacks then beans would be a perfect choice so be ready to chow down some healthy bean. Although there are several verities available soybeans have are incredibly rich in iron content. To be clearer if you take one cup of soybeans it would contain 3.5 milligrams of iron content and 14 grams of protein. Even people also have choices in using them too if they are not interested in soybeans they can go with white beans which also have the same iron content of 3.5mg and protein of 5.5gram. Thus people can have them as a salad by adding it to stir-fries & add toppings.


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3. Kidney beans:

This is a very common one in bean family were it remains as a powerhouse of nutrition thus it would be easy for people to have all nutrition in their daily food diet. These kidney beans are highly competitive to the steak intake for example if people have a cup of kidney beans it provides about 4 milligrams of iron content along with tons of protein content which helps lot people to boot their nutrition. These kidney beans can be in taken as salad were three-bean chilies are added to pasta along with corn and quinoa which remains as the best combination dish that too best southwestern side dish.


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4. Cashew nuts:

The cashew nuts are the whole package of iron where 1/4th cup of cashews contains 2 milligrams of iron content. But when it comes to diet-wise cashews are rich in calories also so it is always preferred to have nuts in a mixed manner to have better iron content. or else people can portion the cashew nuts separate to have if people do not like to have cashews in plain they can prepare salad mix, as toppings and many other. If people wish to have delicious food then soak the cashews for overnight and then make it as a thick paste which can be further mixed with smoothies that would add a creamy texture to the smoothie.


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5. Lentils:

lentils are rich in iron content that is about 7 milligrams in each cup thus lentils be a wider choice for people to have tons of iron content in food diet. As much as lentils people have that much of benefits are delivered to the people. The benefits would be high even when people have half a cup of lentils as it remains a powerhouse of nutrition. A lentil remains to be the perfect combination in soups or as a topping or part in salad or salads can be tossed with tangy balsamic vinaigrette along with cheese to make food delicious.


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6. Oats:

if you wish to have iron-rich nutrition breakfast then oats remain as the best staple one were just a half cup of oats would provide 4 milligrams of iron content. Moreover, the serving bowl is sized in a way to have half pack oatmeals in one serve. As the oats are cheap filler people can take a delicious oats breakfast using some home ingredients too. If you do not like to have plain oats it is better to have them in a mixed manner was nuts, sesame is added to the oats meal to have iron-rich breakfast.


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7. Baked potatoes:

Potatoes are a font food for all vegetarians to make more perfect nutrition diet food the potatoes are baked twice. Many can wonder to hear this but it is necessary to bake potatoes twice as it contains 3.2 milligrams of iron content. Mostly potatoes would not give good taste when they had alone so it is a better option to have them in a better combination. You can also try having baked potatoes along with some toppings such as spinach or broccoli and a little bit of cheddar cheese and have delicious food diet.


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8. Pumpkin seeds

Apart from vegetable most of the people do not aware that pumpkin seeds are also highly rich in nutrients where iron content takes a major part. The pumpkin seeds can be had in plain thus if people had 1/3 of the cup it contains about 3milligram of iron content. To the surprise, the pumpkin seeds also have incredibly rich in proteins, healthy fats, potassium and magnesium. Using pumpkin seeds people can make delicious foods either using them as raw one or roast them in stir and use them as toppings for salads or vegetable mix and as ingredients many other foodies.


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9. Chickpeas:

Chickpeas are the most famous nutrition food people use it has now become a trendy spot vegetarian dish with delicious tastes. Mostly it is packed with legumes which are high in iron content and protein content when people have a cup of chickpeas it would deliver 5 milligrams of iron content. In addition to the iron content chickpeas also rich in fiber content too. Thus these can be toasted in a fine manner and can be served for lunch or it can also serve as a snack by re-roasted and added to the salad. Further, it can also be added to the desert and make it more delicious.


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10. Dark chocolates:

Whatever may the dishes either it is full course meals or healthy diet nutrition-filled foods people finally ends in having a sweet note. When it comes to sweets even people can have nutrition-filled one just by choosing dark chocolates. Dark chocolates contain about 2 to 3 milligrams of iron content in it. Thus to enrich with high nutrition people can have the good stuff of dark chocolate bar which is filled with almonds and nuts that would add the iron content count to the maximum number. If not people can have delicious salads and desserts by having chocolate melting syrup toppings.


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