7 Best Foods That Are High in Vitamin A


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a highly essential nutrient for the body and its health benefits are just outstanding. Vitamin a helps in improving eye health, helps in preventing cancer, it is good for the treatment of inflammation, can help in treating heart disorders, it is excellent for hair and skin and there are several other benefits as well. There are some great food options that have a sufficient amount of this nutrient and by incorporating such things in your daily diet you can combat vitamin a deficiency in an easy manner.

Here is an idea about vitamin-rich food


Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin a and one carrot can supplement around 200% daily value of vitamin a.  Apart from vitamin a, carrots are also rich in vitamin k, c, and b.  Carrots are also high in fiber content and magnesium. So, if you are facing a severe deficiency of vitamin a then eat carrots for improving your health.


 Spinach is loaded with vitamin a and it can supplement around 50% of your daily need related to vitamin a. This veggie is also rich in other nutrients like calcium, iron, manganese, vitamin c, vitamin k, etc. You can try different spinach recipes like curry, soup, salads, etc.

Sweet potatoes

 Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin a and a single sweet potato will supplement around 400% daily value of vitamin a. It contains fewer calories and you can have boiled sweet potatoes if you are planning for weight loss. Thus if you are looking for tasty food option with a great amount of vitamin a then you must go for sweet potatoes.

Turkey and beef liver

 If you love eating non-vegetarian food then turkey liver and beef liver can help in supplementing the adequate quantity of vitamin a for the body. Both these food options are very delicious and their vitamin value is really high. So, try these food options and your body will get the required quantity of this nutrient.

Whole milk

 Many people consider that whole milk is a little fattening because of creamy and rich texture. It is true to a certain extent but if you are deficient in vitamin a then whole milk will help a lot by increasing this nutrient in your body. Its taste is better than skimmed milk and it contains various other nutrients as well.

Green peas

Green peas are a good source of vitamin a. One cup of green peas is sufficient for your daily requirement of vitamin a. You can use green peas in a lot of ways like you can make curry, try pea’s soup, add them to salad dressings, etc.

Various other food options

 The other food options that are rich in vitamin a are like mustard greens, dried basil, and lettuce. When one talks about fruits then there are delicious options that are rich in vitamin like mangoes, peaches, papaya, etc. Paprika and red bell peppers also have a high value of vitamin a. By increasing the number of tomatoes and dried fruits in your daily routine you can easily deal with vitamin a deficiency.

The above-mentioned food options are highly rich in vitamin A. So, include them in your diet schedule and your health will improve in a significant manner.

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