Eating for Endurance : like running, cycling or swimming for more than 2-3 hours at a time


Well, I do meet with a lot of endurance athletes and by the way in endurance. Endurance athlete is someone who participates in running cycling swimming, and really for multiple hours at a time. And the top question that I normally am always asked is what should I be eating during training.

So when I’m working with endurance athletes, and they ask what I should be eating during training! The first thing we talk about is carbohydrates, and really a lot of people don’t even know what carbohydrate is. A carbohydrate is something like fruit bananas raisins dates.

It can be starch potatoes pasta rice any of those types of foods are considered a carbohydrate.

Eating for Endurance

During endurance training and as mentioned it’s multiple hours of running swimming or cycling but the benefit of carbohydrate is being able to supply a constant fuel source to your working muscle.¬†Typically an athlete that’s training for ninety minutes they need thirty grams of carbohydrate. After the first hour an athlete that’s training for about two hours they’re goanna possibly need 30 to 60 grams. After the first hour any athlete that’s training two and a half to three hours, or more you need to try to get sixty to almost 90 grams of carbohydrate per hour.

So my advice for someone who’s beginning to train for these endurance types of sports is to really experiment with different products to see what they can tolerate. So try one product at a time see how well you tolerate it.

And first and foremost once you figure out what works for you the night before a race, or competition doesn’t try something new.

The most important advice, I would have someone who training for some sort of endurance event, is to really understand what your body has a finite amount of carbohydrate stored.

So if you don’t learn to take in, or eat additional carbohydrate during training.

then you’re really going to lose your energy during the race. Or the competition you might not even be able to finish.

You might not be able to maintain a certain pace time you’ve been striving for you have to give your body energy if you want it to be able to perform or to train hard.

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