How to Increase Your Metabolism

How to Increase Your Metabolism

You know when you say ideal body weight as a clinician or as an educator. We use the Metropolitan Life Insurance table’s ideal body weight from years, and years ago dietitians also use a really simple formula which is if you’re female, and you’re 5 feet tall you should weigh a hundred, and for every inch over that, you add 5 pounds.

If you’re 5 -you should weigh 110 so they’re not really very realistic however they’re used across the board. So you can compare apples to apples, but people don’t really realize that over the years every decade after age 20 our body’s metabolism or the ability for us to break down food slows by 10 percent.

So by the time we’re50 there’s a 30 percent drop. so we really need to exercise more and pay close attention to what we eat it’s really as simple as if you have a bowl of ice cream every night, and at the end of a week’s period of time. Those 500 extra calories times 7 days a week equate to numbers again by 3500 which is a pound of fat.

So one extra bowl of ice-cream a night gives you a pound of fat in a week. So it’s very simple to gain the weight as easy as one extra treat a night.

But it’s very difficult to take it off so we have to be mindful about what we eat every day, and increasing our activity or exercise schedule or else we’ll put those pounds right back on you.

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