10 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight


When you are trying to lose weight, then you need to avoid any food items for better result. At present, many fat people prefer to lose their weight and want to bring their body in fit shape. Usually, the foods you consume can have a main effect on your body weight. Also, some of the food items such as eggs, coconut oil, and full-fat yogurt can also greatly support with desired weight loss. Other food items, particularly refined and processed products can always make you gain more weight in a short time. In fact, trying to lose weight is not always a simple task and it can prove a hard challenge for several people. If you want to succeed, you should avoid these 10 foods while trying to lose weight that includes:

1. Sugary drinks

Normally, sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda, cool drinks, etc. are one of the unhealthiest foods on the earth. These are highly connected with weight expansion and also have terrible health effects while consumed more. Even sugary drinks consist of more calories, so your brain does not record them like rock-solid food. If you are very concerning on losing weight, you can simply consider give up on sugary foods fully. Thus, the sweet drinks can harmfully affect your body as well as normal health.

2. Candy bars

The candy bars are ultimately unhealthy. They simply pack with more added oils, added sugars and also refined flour into a tiny package. However, these candy bars are low in nutrients and high in calories. Even the average-sized candy bars are fully covered with chocolates that consist of around 200 to 300 calories and the big sized bars consist of even a lot more. Unluckily, these candy bars are now found everywhere and also intentionally placed in many stores in order to attract the customers into purchasing them thoughtlessly.

3. White bread

The white bread is greatly refined and also often consists of more added sugar. It is also top on the glycemic index and also prickles the levels of your blood sugar. According to the study, consuming two slices of white bread per day is associated with a 40% higher risk of obesity and weight gain. Luckily, there are several healthy substitutes to the traditional wheat bread and the one is Ezekiel bread that becomes one of the healthiest bread on the market.

4. Cakes, cookies, and pastries

Usually, the cakes, cookies, and pastries are fully packed with unhealthy ingredients such as refined flour and added sugar. These may also consist of artificial trans-fat that are more hazardous as well as associated with several diseases. But, these cookies, pastries, and cakes are not fulfilling and you will more likely become very hungry quickly even after consuming these low nutrient and high-calorie foods. If you are yearning something sweet, you can simply stretch out for a part of dark chocolate instead.

5. Many fruit juices

Today, many fruit juices you found on the supermarket have a huge in common with whole fruit. Actually, these fruit juices are highly loaded with sugar and also highly processed. In reality, they could consist of a lot of calories and sugar as soda. Moreover, the fruit juices will not have fiber content and do not even need chewing. This means that a glass of orange juice will not have similar effects on completeness as consuming orange, so make it simple to eat bulk quantities within a short period of time. Better, you should stay away from the fruit juices and consume a whole fruit, instead.

6. Ice cream

Of course, ice cream is one of the most favorite choices of food item for everyone, regardless of ages. Definitely, the ice cream is incredibly delicious as well as very healthy. It is great in calories and also many types of different ice creams are fully loaded with sugar and fillers. Even a tiny portion of ice cream is good now, but the issue is that it is very simple to eat large quantities in a single sitting. It is better to consider making your own ice cream by using a very tiny amount of sugar as well as healthier ingredients such as fruit and full-fat yogurt.

7. Pizza

Like ice cream, pizza is also the most famous fast food item. Still now, the commercially made pizzas also occur to be very unhealthy. They are ultimately high in calories and consist of unhealthier ingredients such as processed meat and refined flour and so on. If you wish to enjoy a single piece of pizza, you just attempt to make its own at home by using healthier ingredients. Since the supermarket sauce varieties can consist of more sugar, so the homemade pizza sauce is also a healthier choice. Another wonderful option is to search for a pizza place, which makes the hygienic as well as healthier pizzas, excluding the added sugar, additives, fillers, etc.

8. High-calorie coffee drinks

Normally, the coffee consists of many biologically active substances and more essentially caffeine. These chemicals can actually boost up your metabolism and also maximizes the fat burning even in a short time. Still, the negative effects of including unhealthy ingredients such as sugar and artificial cream can outweigh these positive effects. Really, high-calorie coffee drinks are no better than soda. Because, they are loaded with empty calories, which could equal a complete meal and if you like to drink coffee, it is good to prefer black and plain coffee while attempting to lose weight. Adding little milk or cream is fine too, but not much. Here, you just avoid high-calorie creamers, adding sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

9. Foods high in added sugar

More probably, the added sugar is the worst thing in this modern diet. Even though the excessive quantities of added sugar in foods have been associated to some of the most hazardous diseases and it makes you increase your body weight easily. Normally, the foods that are high in added sugar are providing tons of empty calories, but are not very filling. For example, the foods that consist of large quantities of added sugar are granola bars, flavored yogurt, low fat, and sugary breakfast cereals.

10. Potato chips and French fries

Actually, the whole potatoes are filling and healthy, but the potato chips and French fries are not. They are high in calories and also it is very simple to consume a lot. According to the studies, eating potato chips and French fries have been associated with the weight gain. Moreover, the roasted, fried or baked potatoes might consist of cancer-causing substances known as acrylamides. Thus, it is always good to consume boiled and plain potatoes.


Overall, when you are attempting to lose weight and want to maintain a healthful weight, it is very much essential to select the right choice of food items and also to avoid the above-listed food items, which are high calorie-dense, but low in protein, fiber, and other healthy nutrients. The individuals who are not able to accomplish a healthy weight gain via exercise and diet might need to consider talking to the dietician or doctor.

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