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Top 10 Best Vegetable Foods Have More Iron Than Meat

In this modernized world, people wish to have hi-fi lifestyle and while doing so it not only changes their lifestyle rather it also change their food cycle which is essential to have good health. When it comes to food preference each person would have their own choice of preference some may be vegetarian and some may be non-vegetarian. Whenever it comes as meat or vegetarian both will stand on its own way to great extend each would quarrel that they are best to have. Being pure vegetarian is not a big deal but most of the time people would wonder to hear that a person is a pure vegetarian as if they are a miracle person. Simply the questions would run in their mind like how these people would get protein and iron content? And how they manage to have food diet? Likewise, several questions would be running in their minds it is mainly because in general people think that meat is rich in iron and protein when compared to vegetable. But in reality, vegetables and vegetarian foods are rich in protein and iron content that helps to get essential nutrients than meat consumption. Although there are several vegetarian foods are consumed by people here are topmost vegetarian foods that are rich in iron and proteins are listed below.

1. Spinach:

Spinach is one of the favorite healthy foods for all vegetarians in common it is said that three cheers for leafy greens. This statement is mainly given as they are most nutrient food which is extremely versatile and rich in taste. When it is compared with meat the three cups of spinach would provide 18 mg of iron content whereas 8 ounce of meat is less than spinach count. When the steak size is higher than spinach iron count would go less. So people can have spinach salad topped with nuts, seed or hardboiled egg would be the best protein iron-rich food for daily.

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