10 Weight Loss Friendly Foods You Should Add in Your Diet Plan

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10 weight loss friendly food you should add in your diet plan

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Are you looking for ways to lose weight? If yes, then instead of looking for weight loss supplement, why not lose weight naturally? Supplements never guarantee 100% results and there is a risk of getting side effects. But when you lose weight naturally, you don’t have to face side effects.  If you follow a proper Bulletproof Diet Sample Meal Plan and eat on time, then you can lose weight. There are various foods that help you achieve weight loss goals. Most of the weight loss diet has in common: high fiber, low energy density, etc.

In this post we will look at the 1500 calorie diet plan to lose weight. So, if you are interested in knowing about the diet plan, then keep reading.


As per studies by nutrition journal, avocados are rich in dietary fiber, monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium as well as phytochemicals. People who have avocados in their diet have lower BMI, waist circumference, and body weight as compared to the people who don’t include it in their diet.  Avocados are high in calories as compared to other fruits as well as vegetables; however, their satisfying fiber and fat combo may offer you in slimming down.


Another thing to include in your diet plan is an egg. Yes, egg will make you slim and fit. Eggs are rich in fat, high-quality protein, essential nutrients such as choline and vitamin D. It’s the protein in the egg, which makes them best for weight loss. Protein increases satiety and regulates hunger as well as appetite hormones. It controls your hunger and makes you less hungry during day. In one report, it was found that people who had eggs in breakfast felt less hungry till lunchtime rather than who had bagels in breakfast.


Beans are also high in fiber; it is another great food to have if you wish to lose weight. Beans help you feel full for a long time and control your hunger. In addition to this, by eating beans as well as a legume, you get various health benefits such as reducing LDL cholesterol, blood pressure as well as reduce the heart risk. Beans are also low in calories as well as rich in protein. Thus, you must try adding beans to your diet. You can have beans in soup, salad, or veggie burgers.


It is a pack of protein and filled with probiotics that are good for your health. Also, you can lose weight if you include it in your diet. Eating more of probiotics and fiber helps you to lose weight naturally. Research showed that people who had Greek yoghurt in their diet reduced their appetite as well as satiety. Make sure you are careful when you add sugar in yoghurt because it adds more calories to it. If you want to sweeten yoghurt then use fresh fruit.


There is a high-quality protein in salmon and offer omega-three fatty acid. As per one study, it was found that people who had salmon in the diet were able to control their hunger. You can add this delicious as well as versatile food in your diet to see its effect on your weight.


We all know that fruits contain sugar naturally. However, eating fruits can help one to lose weight, especially if you eat fresh fruits instead of unhealthy snacks and processed food. According to one study published in the journal of nutrition, it was found that higher fruit consumption has direct connecting with a low risk of obesity. You must include fruits in your diet.


It is an excellent weight loss snack. Popcorn is high in fiber and delivers protein. One serving of popcorn has 4g of fiber, 110 calories, and 4g of protein. Air is filled in the popcorn, which makes it a large portion free from calories. You can eat 3 cups of popcorn to get 100 calories.


It is also an excellent source of fiber and protein. Eating food containing fiber and protein makes you feel full and you don’t feel the need to eat unhealthy snacks in between the meals. Also, almond has vitamin E in it, and it is also rich in mono and polyunsaturated fat. You can eat almonds with salad or have it directly. You can add them as topping in granola and make a yummy meal which will help you lose weight naturally.


A study was conducted on 47 adults in which it was found that adults who ate oatmeal felt fuller as well as less hungry as compared to one who has cereals. Also, the calorie intake of the adults was lower after eating the oatmeal than the cereals. Thus, having oatmeal in your food plan can make you lose weight naturally.

Apple cider vinegar-

It is mostly used in condiments such as vinaigrette and dressings of the dishes. Several studies have suggested that apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight. In another study, it was revealed that an obese person who has 15-30ml of vinegar every day were successful in losing 2.6-3.7 pounds. So, try apple cider vinegar to naturally lose weight.

So, this was our list of foods that can help you naturally lose weight. We hope that you will surely add these foods in your meal to see the results in yourself. A proper diet plays a crucial role in maintaining the health. People with bad eating habits usually face obesity and other health issues. If you are also the person who have bad eating habits but wanted to lose weight then taking proper diet is the best option.

Why should I lose weight?

To become confident-

People who are obese feel low and usually unable to express themselves in front of others. Some people shy out because of their weight and they cannot easily make friends or talk to people. If you wish to get back your confidence, then you have to lose weight. Losing weight is not an easy task, but it is also not impossible. There are many people out there who have naturally decreased their weight. If you try then you can also achieve your goal, all you have to do is eat healthily.

Look beautiful-

Every person is beautiful no matter they are fat or slim. However, if you wish to look more beautiful, then you must consider losing some weight. When you are overweight or fat, you have a problem in finding love, friends, etc. you will not agree with this fact, but it is true. There are only a few people who accept you the way you are. Most of the time, nobody wants a wife or husband who is overweight. You can always try to lose weight. Don’t lose weight to impress others, but do it to impress you.

Healthy body-

To maintain a healthy body, you have to keep your weight maintained. If you are overweight, that means you are not fit or healthy. If you are not fit that means you are doing nothing in your life. Fitness should be the first goal of your life. To maintain a healthy body, you must lose weight and get back in shape. Being fit, you can inspire many other people out there who are suffering from the same issues. Also, if you lose weight, you can overcome health issues like high blood pressure and heart risks.

Come out of depression-

People who overweight are also the ones who are mostly depressed. Why are you living in such a depressed life? You have taken birth on this earth to be happy. Come out of depression, lose weight. Losing weight will surely make you happy from inside out, and you will never feel depressed ever again. Try the weight loss diet we discussed earlier and it will surely change your life. You will turn from negative to positive. You will feel positive energy inside you once you lose weight.

Easily get a job-

For obese people, it is hard to work. Also, it is hard to find a job when you are overweight. Overweight people get easily tired. They feel lazier, and this is the reason why they cannot easily find a job. If you want to change your life you have to change yourself. You have to lose weight so that you can find a job. You will be able to work properly with more confidence when you lose weight.

So, this was about the reasons and the benefits of losing weight. Now let’s understand that why should you lose weight naturally?

No need to waste money on supplement-

There are many people who see ads about weight loss supplement, they buy it and they get no results. It is a serious waste of money. Also, when you cannot lose weight with the help of supplements, you become depressed because you wasted your time and money to get results. If you lose weight naturally by adopting a proper diet, then you will get better results than what results you get by using supplements.

You don’t have to waste money in buying different supplements when you can lose weight naturally. The money which you save by not buying supplements can be used in other things or can be saved for the future.

No side effects-

Supplements can have side effects because it changes your hormone levels and so you must avoid having supplements. So better lose weight naturally, there will be no a risk of side effects. Your natural hormone levels are not altered. Eating a proper diet will not only help you lose weight but also maintain you mentally and physically.

No need to exercise-

Overweight people can lose weight by doing exercise but not every fat person wants to do exercise. Some are lazy and some don’t have time to do exercise. In that case, it is better to follow the natural way of losing weight i.e. eating proper food. Make a food plan, decide what you will eat in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and calculate the calories. Go with the food plan and check for the results. it’s a guarantee that you will be surprised to see the results. Without going to the gym and without doing exercise, you will lose weight.

No health issues-

Overweight people suffer from health issues, and supplement can only help in losing weight. But it will not help in improving the health conditions. Food that you eat as your diet plan not only helps you lose weight, but it also helps improve your health condition. There are many fruits and vegetables which help you treat health issues naturally.

Natural is always better-

We recommend you to lose weight naturally by eating proper food because it is always better than consuming medications or supplements. Food that you eat may either help you lose weight or not but there is no harm to try the diet plan, isn’t it? Also, if others can lose weight by eating proper food, then we think you can also do it. Naturally, when you lose weight, then you can look more beautiful.

So, we hope that now you have understood the reason to lose weight naturally. If you really wish to make changes in your life and lose weight then get all the foods we mentioned above and make a diet plan. Stick to the diet plan and within 2-3 months you will see the change. Don’t think you will see the change in 1-2 weeks. The natural process takes time but when you get the results, it is permanent.

People who have overweight or belly fat can rely on the diet plan to lose weight. Foods for weight loss are easily available in the market. You can easily buy almonds, avocados, beans, etc. losing weight by eating proper food may be a time-consuming process but it saves your money, and offers some really great results. And this food also helps to get a glowing and shiny skin. So it will be profitable to buck up and plan your daily diet

Hurry up and start your journey of weight loss with weight loss friendly food.

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